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Motor City

Replete with multiple groceries, salons, spas, laundries, kids entertainment, schools, and nurseries, as well as retail and dining amenities, this “city within a city”, reduces the need to travel outside the community for everyday living, or even specialty requirements, really.  With the Dubai Autodrome and Kartodrome right next door, and Tennis and Cricket Sports academies a stone’s throw away, there is never a dearth of fun, sporty and adventurous activities around.

A slightly quirky but extremely pleasant community with plenty of greenery that offers apartments with spacious terraces and balconies. With little through traffic, a number of play areas and community pools, its a good option for families.

Just about every nationality and age bracket

Motor City is a varied community; you’ll see just about every nationality and age bracket, but the neighbourhood is particularly popular with young professionals who enjoy having a lot of space at a reasonable cost. Your neighbours are likely to be outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying the pedestrian-friendly streets and the many options for community and sport activities at their doorsteps.

There are many dog-owners who choose to live in Motor City because of its pet-friendly policies and walkable streets. Community groups organise various canine-related activities such as the annual Dog Halloween.

Motor City has become particularly popular with small families thanks to its playgrounds and nurseries, and again, because of it’s reasonably priced housing options. Building clusters share community swimming pools and gyms, which form hubs of activity for those with young children, sun-seekers, and the gymming members of the community.

Small families and pet-owners

Motor City is a great place to start a family in Dubai; it is less hectic than Dubai’s commercial districts and the lush greenery provides fresher air. The spacious apartments mean the younger members of your family will have plenty of room to scatter their toys and build forts.

If you love exercising and working out, Motor City’s paved running tracks and outdoor exercise equipment will add significant value to your life. And these paths are not only for health and well-being; you’ll often find small groups of friends exercising together while chatting away!

Laid back and healthy

It is not uncommon to see runners and athletes jogging across the walk paths at any time of the day. The structure of Motor City encourages healthier lifestyle choices and outdoor activities. Even among those without a proclivity for sporting pastimes, many people are walking around this pedestrian friendly neighbourhood simply because it forms an easy mode of transportation. Otherwise, this is a fairly quiet and laid back area. With it’s Wednesday evening open cycling night, the Dubai Autodrome is a great facility for cycling enthusiasts to have a ride around the track, and for the health conscious foodies among us to enjoy a hearty, nutritious meal at The Cycle Bistro.

People who rely on taxis and public transport

Even though an Uber or Careem are both just a screen touch away, some people find Motor City remote. Owning or renting a car is a nice-to-have luxury if you want to live in Motor City. If you prefer to live in the heart of the big city, you might find Motor City a little too quaint.

Affordable mid-sized apartments and townhouses.

The area offers well-priced apartments and quality three-storey townhouses. The Green Community consists of spacious mid-range villas overlooking mesmerising lakes. The area falls into the more affordable range of apartments. Taking into consideration the great services and facilities it offers, Motor City is a good bargain.

The greenery and the friendly atmosphere

The reason why residents of Motor City love their community is because it offers everything you need to feel at home: friendly neighbours, fresh air, greenery, and convenient shops and services. Residents also love the sense of safety and security that the area provides for children, with plenty of cafes where adults can relax.


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