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9 things to know before buying a property in Dubai

Closing a deal on a property in Dubai is definitely one of the most significant investment decisions you are going to make during your whole life. As a matter of fact, many people would like to have this chance so they can enrich their portfolio with such a quality asset.

However, before going on such a deal, there are a number of things you have to know. As a real estate portal working in Dubai, we feel it’s part of our responsibility to let you know the main do’s and don’ts in this market. Maybe because we have been asked a lot also from many potential buyers and investors about the main things to be known before buying in Dubai, that’s why we will try here to list the most important things to be considered.

1. Dubai Location

Dubai is a part of the GCC state United Arab Emirates. The UAE was established in the second of December, 1972 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Dubai is governed by his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president, minister of defence, and the prime minister of UAE. Following his brother, Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, continues through his wise leadership on the way of turning Dubai into one of the world’s most prominent business centers and a top investment destination.

2. Authority in the emirate

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum became the ruler of Dubai in 2006. He presides the government of Dubai which is the main executive authority in the emirate that runs the city.  Dubai government contains 30 different departments that control the main integral matters in the city including safety and security, roads, health, education, court, finance, and the one mainly related to property market, the land department.

3. What is Dubai Land Department?

Dubai Land Department (DLD) is the executive entity entailed to regulate and monitor the real estate market activity within the emirate’s bounds.  As per the law no. 7 issued in 2013 by his highness Dubai ruler, the department’s main role is the registration, organization, and promotion of real estate investment in Dubai.  It does so by implementing the international standards in this vital sector in order to create a positive and attractive investment ground for real estate sectors from all around the world.

4. Demographic structure

Dubai is known to be a mixing pot mingling between various nationalities from different areas around the world. Being a world top business hub, the emirate grabs professional executives to work in its sophisticated facilities and business centers, in addition to join the world’s famous companies which launched their venues in the city.  Population is 2.7 million, about 88% are expats. About 71% of the emirate’s total population is from Asian ethnicities including Indians, South Asians, Pakistanis, and many others from different origins.

5. Freehold areas

In 2000, Dubai authority made it accessible for foreigners to buy properties within its bounds but only in certain areas known as freehold areas.  Dubai freehold property areas are found in Um Hurair, Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, Jebel Ali, Al Gouz, Ras Al Khour, Nad Al Shiba, and many other.

6. Leasehold areas

Full ownership isn’t permitted in all Dubai localities. There are some other areas where properties are given only on lease for periods of time varying between 10 and 99 years.  There are many leasehold areas in Dubai like Deera, Discovery Garden, Jumeirah, and many other.  So, as a buyer, you need to check first the area of your future property if its a freehold or leasehold area.

7. Reason of investment

You really need to set your mind before setting off your property search in Dubai to define the purpose or the reason of buying. If you are looking for investment, then you should consult your agent as there are certain areas considered to be perfect for property investment. They are characterized with high rental value, high capital growth rate per year, and they are surrounded with many amenities and commercial centers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a house to live and settle in Dubai. Then you ought to look for convenient areas suitable for you and your family requirements. You should check first the locations of the best schools, hospitals, recreational centers, and many other.


8. Real estate finance in Dubai

Another important thing you need to know before buying a property in Dubai is the real estate finance system in the emirate.  Financing services for property buyers is available, however it’s restricted only on banks and companies authorized by the United Arab Emirates Central Bank. Most home loans in Dubai are offered at a rate ranging between 3 t 4 percent. To get a mortgage, the creditor must check the investor eligibility in order to check his financial capability of paying back the debt. This is determined through a number of factors like; the minimum salary, minimum length of service, the company which the buyer works for, and many other.

9. Research the area and the developer

Investors should also be very careful about the location of the property. There are some things you need to check like the crime rate and security. Generally, Dubai is a safe haven in the Middle East, it enjoys a swift police and security system that utilizes extremely advanced techniques in ensuring order.  Check also the developer’s track record. Today many investors tend to deal with top real estate brands in Dubai like Damac, Emaar, and other since they offer the highest credibility and professionalism in conducting work.



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The Springs

The Springs Community is the perfect entry level villa community for many expats living in Dubai.

At the foot of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers lie the Lush green gardens that surround the Springs community. The Springs community is home to 4000 villas ranging between 2 and 4 bedrooms each. While the duplicity of the style of the exteriors and interiors might be a drawback, there is so much to love about the Springs Community that make up for this small nuisance.

Concentration of young families

Late afternoons as you jog through the beautiful landscaping surrounding the lakes you will find many small gaggles of nannies and babies enjoying the golden hour as the sun sets over Dubai Marina.

The small children play as parents and nannies alike watch over. The screams of joy are infectious.

The Springs Community is very active and you will always find the young parents outside, playing with their children on the grass near the lakes, or by the community swimming pools.

It is a great area to start a family and have your child be immersed between other young children at a young age.

Licence to entertain

With the Springs community being filled with young parents you can expect a lot of entertaining in the small little gardens out back.

Residents can expect the comforting smells of a barbeque on almost any night of the week. Residents and guests can always be found outside soaking up the cool winter months near a barbeque.

Couples in their early 30s love to entertain, and the design of the Springs villas do make entertaining quite easy. The space indoors is large enough for a sizeable dining table, while the garden outdoors can host a nice group of people.

Proximity to everything

The Springs Community’s location is a very big trump card in favour of the community. This community is located 5 minutes from Dubai Marina, 7 minutes from Emirates Mall, and 4 minutes from Barsha Heights where the Saudi German Hospital is located.

There are great schools, gyms, a Medicare, a fuel station and two shopping complexes located within the community.

There are so few communities within Dubai with this level of ease of access. The Springs Community is great for quiet family living, while also being close enough to all the great places that you would visit if you would like to get out of the house.

The Price tag

At around the same price of a 2-bedroom Dubai Marina apartment you can get a stunning villa with a private garden, two balconies and an office space. The size is also compared to what you can expect in a tower apartment.

The added value of the community’s proximity to Dubai Marina and Emirates Mall also makes Springs Community an absolute steal.

You would be quite hard pressed to find a villa in this price range with this value anywhere else in Dubai.

Lack of pretense

A great thing about the Springs Community is that so many people living in this area are young and working hard to make a living.

The cars in the area are dead normal. There aren’t any gold plated archways leading guests to the front door. Everything is normal and the community is so much greater for it.

The pretense that comes along with living in a villa is that you have made it big, living the lavish life here in Dubai. The pretense of proving your wealth is not apparent in Springs Community, and it is great.

This is exactly what you need with young children growing up in Dubai. The Springs Community is the perfect example of “suburbia” where children play outside and iPads are banished to the bottom of the play pin.

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Best Beaches in Abu Dhabi

Yes, it’s finally time to make a roundup of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi, including public beaches, beach clubs and beach restaurants. Why? Because each and every one of us living in Abu Dhabi is a thalassophile (‘lover of the sea’, from the Greek word – “thalassa”). Especially when it’s the middle of October, and the temperature in the capital is a gorgeous 36 ℃. So, let’s get out of the office white and into the sea blue! But first, let’s decide on the right beach!


A panorama of the crystal blue waters of Abu Dhabi and the Marina Village as seen from the Corniche Beach

Let’s start with one of the most popular public beaches in Abu Dhabi – the Corniche. This beach stretches from the nearby  Hilton Hotel on the Corniche Road all the way to the Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and beyond. For years, it’s been impeccably maintained, and it’s got the famous beach Blue Flag eco-label to prove it!

What makes the Corniche Beach one of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi:  well, several gates to get inside, over 1,100 parking spots (free of charge) and separate sections for families and singletons. Furthermore, the Corniche has gorgeous views of the Lulu Island, proximity to the Marina Mall, several lifeguards on the lookout, showers, changing rooms, cabanas, and of course, a microcosm of palm trees and crystal blue waters. We love it!


Another beach at a prime location, Saadiyat Island is a real slice of heaven. Joining it soon will be some of the most important cultural venues in the MENA region, such as Louvre Abu Dhabi (opening 11th November) and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

What makes Saadiyat Beach one of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi: sailing, windsurfing, yoga – take your pick! Furthermore, Saadiyat offers over three hundred sun loungers, two hundred parking spaces, showers, changing rooms, a retail shop, a beach cafe. However, if you’re willing to pay more, the Saadiyat Beach Club offers a magnificent (650-square-metre) outdoor pool!

Moreover, the Saadiyat Beach Club has spa facilities, a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, private beach bungalows and several restaurants.  These include the Safina (Mediterranean), De La Costa (finger food) and Cabana 9 (seafood).


As the name suggests, Yas Beach is the coastal part/beach club of Abu Dhabi’s famous man-made island, Yas Island. It’s widely sought out due to white sands, crystal blue waters and view of the mangroves on the other side of the channel for that ‘back to nature’ feeling we all love.

What makes Yas Beach one of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi: Yas Island has one of the most beautiful beach clubs in the capital with an open-air DJ booth, private chalets and an abundance of sun loungers. Furthermore, Yas Beach offers a plethora of beach sports like kayaking, Jet Skis, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, beach volleyball, banana rides, speed boat tours, an outdoor gym and, of course, the unmissable mangrove tours! When it comes to restaurants and dining, you can have your food delivered to your cabana from the Yas Beach restaurant. It’s the ultimate weekend getaway in the winter time.


If you’d like to stay away from public beaches and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere of the Abu Dhabi beach clubs, consider the National Riviera Beach Club. This relaxation central is ideal for families since it has a temperature-controlled pool, cabanas and the Cabana Bar & Grill restaurant. Another option for those seeking rest is the Bayshore beach club that includes a swim-up bar, a Jacuzzi, and more.

For sports enthusiasts, the Beach Rotana beach club offers water sports, squash courts and tennis courts, among others. Bayut also recommends checking out the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr’s Beach Club that offers kayaking, paddleboarding, and other beach sports.

So, which beach will you be going to? Whatever your choice, kalá na peráseis! (That’s Greek for ‘have a good time!’)

Note: All public beaches in Abu Dhabi have a dress code. Ladies should wear a full bikini/swimsuit at all time. Going to the beach topless is a breach of the UAE law, as is wearing inappropriate costumes. Finally, beachwear is only allowed on the beach itself and not outside the designated beach area.

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Know all about Dubai Creek Harbour

By now the vast majority of the world knows that Dubai is the city of modern architecture. Just like the Eifel Tower represents a beautiful love letter to 19th century Europe, so will Burj Khalifa be remembered a 21st-century icon. But the UAE is not a country that will settle with having produced the tallest building in the world. Something even more phantasmagorical needs to happen. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the UAE! So, only 10 years after Burj Khalifa first opened it’s doors to visitors – The Tower – is expected to overshadow it. Like a sibling that is at once both taller and younger.

But as much as we love Burj Khalifa, we do not frown upon its competition. Especially since the contest, if there even is one, is essentially one developer’s battle against itself. (The masterminds at Emaar are behind both projects, although they’ve teamed up with Dubai Holding for The Tower). On the contrary, we salute the rise of The Tower and we cannot wait for it to make history!

Until that day comes, let’s have a look at some fun facts about the skyscraper and the surrounding Dubai Creek Harbour.


The future beacon of Dubai architecture made history even at foundation level. A record-breaking number of 140 barrette piles were used to make the foundation of The Tower. Furthermore, the test load that was performed on the base weighed 36,000 tonnes – the maximum weight carried out on a single pile to date! And it’s just the beginning.
The architect of The Tower Santiago Calatrava designed City of Arts and Sciences and Opera House in Valencia as well


The mastermind behind the stunning piece of architecture is the renowned neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava. This Spanish-Swiss architect is also a structural engineer, sculptor and painter. His works are most famous for resembling live organisms. Among his most famous buildings is The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and the Milwaukee Art Museum.


The Tower’s look will evoke the minaret – the tower-like structure you can see on mosques. A minaret is traditionally used for the Muslim call to prayer and, as such, it is an important symbol of Islamic culture. However, The Tower’s design was also inspired by the lily flower. So, the skyscraper will be linked to the ground with steel cables, resembling the delicate ribbing of the lily leaves.

HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum handpicked the design of The Tower himself


According to Emaar’s official website, it all started with a competitive international design pitch involving the world’s top architects. Once all the designs were gathered in one place, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, hand-picked the winning design himself.

The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour will be taller than Burj Khalifa


At the groundbreaking ceremony last October, Santiago Calatrava’s son, Micael Calatrava stated for the Khaleej Times that the team is unsure how much taller The Tower will be in comparison to the Burj Khalifa. However, later sources have confirmed that the total height will be 928 metres – 100 metres higher than the Burj! Despite the groundbreaking height, the skyscraper is expected to be completed before Expo 2020 at an estimated cost of 1  billion USD.

10 Interesting Facts About The Tower


At the very top, The Tower will feature an oval-shaped bud that will house ten observation decks, including The Pinnacle Room. This room will offer 360-degree views of the city after being developed by the engineering firm Aurecon. We imagine that the view will be even more spectacular than the 360-degree view at the top of the Burj. At the moment, Aurecon is collaborating with Calatrava himself on bringing all the decks to life.



In addition to the Pinnacle room, the top will feature VIP Observation Garden Decks available only to certain visitors. These will recreate the splendour of the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon,’ which is thought to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.



The 6 sq km Dubai Creek Harbour (think of the size of Downtown Dubai then double that!) will sit by the Dubai Creek. Conveniently, it will be only 10-minutes away from the Dubai International Airport, which makes it the ideal location for globe trotters. Dubai Creek Harbour will also be set by the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – home to pink flamingos and over 60 other rare bird species. Of course,  the Tower itself will be linked to Dubai’s brand new “mega retail district”.

Screenshot from Emaar's 'Take A Fly-through Tour of the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour video shows the Downtown Dubai skyline


A statement from Emaar said that The Tower will feature “dynamic illumination and movement lighting” to make it a breathtaking landmark during both day and night.The engineering company Aurecon is also working on having the tower’s summit emit a ‘beacon of light’ from its peak. The idea behind this is to “evoke the features of a flower bud that appears to hover above the structure”.


The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour will feature "dynamic illumination and movement lighting"


We all know that Dubai is a centre of innovation and a future smart city. But, According to Emaar’s press team, the Dubai Creek Harbour on the whole will integrate “the latest design, engineering and sustainability features. A next-generation smart hub, it will also incorporate an advanced digital lifestyle defined by the latest developments in artificial intelligence.”  We cannot wait to see what this will entail!

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Want to know more about unfair rent increase in Dubai?

Disputes between landlords and tenants are a worldwide phenomenon and Dubai is no different. But unlike in many places where dispute resolution forums have been defined but disputes are rarely resolved, Dubai’s rental dispute settlement forums actually work.

Besides, Dubai Land Department has provided all residents with an effective rent calculator that should be consulted in the eventuality of a rent increase. Rents are usually increased after a year and likewise, the rent index is also updated every year. Sometimes we see Dubai landlords ignoring the rents specified by the government and introducing an arbitrary rent hike. Here is how you can save yourself in such an event.


Before you rent an apartment, townhouse or villa in Dubai, know that all tenancy contracts have to be registered with Ejari. It costs around AED 200 and can save you a lot of hassle in the future. Registering your tenancy agreement with the government places tenants in a better position, as the government would be able to intervene and settle any disputes that may arise.

Apart from the tenancy contract, tenants require a recent Dewa bill, title deed copy or affection plan, tenant’s passport and visa and Emirates ID copy for a successful Ejari registration.

Another question that must be addressed is who would pay the Ejari fee? Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has not specified the party paying the fee, but generally, it is paid by the tenant. Where a tower is managed by a property management firm, the firm pays the fee, only to recover it from the tenants later.


All landlords have to serve a 90-day notice if they wish to increase the rent of a specific residential unit. The increase must be according to RERA’s rent index and the notice sent through a registered mailing service. If a notice hasn’t been served, the landlord cannot raise the rent at all

In an event where there is no communication between the two parties, the contract is automatically renewed with the previous rents. If your landlord or real estate agent has given you a 30-day notice period, take the case with the rent dispute settlement committee and continue living in the apartment until the issue is solved.


Remember, following the rent index is mandatory for all landlords and so is the 90-day notice period. In case your rent has been increased to an amount that surpasses the limit outlined by the rent calculator, file a case with RERA and do not accept it in any case.


Dubai government has introduced strict laws to control arbitrary rent increases. Decree No. 43 of 2013 concerns the percentages of maximum property rent increase allowed upon renewal of tenancy contracts. The rent increase slabs are as follows:

  • Rent will only be increased if the rent of a property unit is less than 10 percent of a similar property in the same area.
  • If the rent is 11 to 20 percent less than the average rent of similar properties, the maximum rent increase will be equal to five percent of the rent value.
  • In case the rental value of a unit is 21 to 30 percent less than average rent for similar units, the maximum rent increase allowed is 10 percent of the rental value.
  • If rent of a residential unit is 31 to 40 percent less, the maximum rent increase allowed is equal to 15 percent of the rental value.
  • For residential units having rents less than 40 percent or more than the average rent of a similar unit, the maximum rent increase applicable is 20 percent.




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Know about all the Tenant rights in Dubai

With such a wide variety of residential options in Dubai, finding the right home can be a long process.  This is why, after finalising the desirable property, people get too excited about their stunning new home that they fail to pay enough attention to what they are signing up for with the landlords. This can lead to uncomfortable situations between them later on. Inquiries on tenancy relationships are usually raised at the time of tenancy contract renewal, so here is a comprehensive guide on tenants’ rights and obligations in Dubai to save you from unnecessary hassles in the future.

First things first. The laws you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Law no. 26 of 2007 as amended by Law no. 33 of 2008. This law regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai.
  2. Decree no. 26 of 2013. This established the Rent Disputes Settlement Centre, which caters to and solves all sorts of rental disputes in Dubai.
  3. Decree no. 43 of 2013. This law specifically governs rent increase in Dubai. Per this law, a tenancy contract needs to include details of landlord and tenant, details of the relevant property, the purpose of tenancy, the term of tenancy, amount of rent decided and payment terms.

Tenants and landlords can also include an addendum to the standard “one-page” tenancy contract, which may include further terms and conditions of the contract. It needs to be attached to the tenancy contract as it comes in handy when dealing with the payment of utility charges (i.e. service, chillers, electricity, etc.), getting a no objection certificate (NOC) from landlords to carry on fit out works along with renewal and increase of rent.

It is obligatory for either tenant or landlord to register the tenancy contract with Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The registration of the contract is important as it ensures that the same unit is not leased twice at the same time. If the rental contract is not registered, any dispute arising in future will not be entertained by the Dubai Rent Dispute Settlement Centre (RDSC).

Tenancy contracts or rental contracts may not be individually terminated by either tenant or landlord unless otherwise agreed between the two parties. In a case where a tenancy contract expires and tenant continues to live in the property without any objection from the landlord, the term of tenancy is extended automatically, for a similar period or for one year (whichever is less), on same terms and conditions.

In cases where landlord desires to amend a tenancy contract, a written notice should be served to the tenant at least 90 days prior to the expiration of the tenancy contract. Normally, the rent is to be paid per the agreed terms in the tenancy contract. In a case where there is no such agreement, the rent can be paid in annual or four equal instalments.

The payment of rent is usually made through the deposit of post-dated cheques with the landlord. IN cases where landlord refuses to receive the rent, it can be deposited with the RDSC. In cases where rent has been increased, the increase can be calculated by RERA’s rental increase calculator available on Dubai Land Department’s official website. RERA reserved the exclusive authority to specify the percentage of rent increase to property units in all Dubai localities.

The landlord is required to hand over the property to the tenant in good condition. He should undertake the responsibility of major maintenance and repair works on the property and refrain from making any changes that may affect tenant’s intended benefit.

A tenant can be evicted prior to the expiry of rental contract if tenant:

  • Fails to pay the rent within 30 days of being served with landlord’s written notification
  • Subleases the property without landlord’s written approval
  • Uses or allows others to utilise the property for immoral or illegal activities
  • Causes or allows others to cause damage or changes to the property that endanger safety of the property
  • Uses property for purposes other than the purposes for which it was leased for
  • Fails to comply with any of the terms of the tenancy contract or the law
  • If the property is in danger of collapse.
  • In cases of commercial properties, a landlord may demand eviction, if the tenant has closed business operations for 30 consecutive or 90 consecutive days without giving any valid reasons.

In the case of the expiry of the tenancy contract, a landlord may demand eviction if:

  • Landlord wishes to reconstruct or demolish the property
  • Development requirements necessitate reconstruction or demolition of the property
  • The property requires comprehensive maintenance or renovation
  • A landlord wants to sell the property or use it for his personal use or even for his relatives of the first degree. In such instances, the landlord must provide the tenant with a 12 month’s written notice through registered mail or public notary

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All what you need to know about RTA’s Smart Services

Dubai is known as the most modern region in the Middle East and that is for a reason. You will see technological advancement in every part of the emirate. Look in real estate, healthcare, environment, logistics, public transportation and even government procedures, the creative utilization of technology everywhere is amazing! This article is about how Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has modernised the transportation system of the emirate and how you can benefit from RTA’s smart services.

To locals, foreigners and tourists, Dubai’s RTA offers 173 different smart services that they can utilise to make their daily commute easier. Interestingly, these services are not limited to travelling on roads, but also offer accessibility to the desert and water-based travelling.

Nearly two years ago, RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, announced that the RTA accomplished the transformation of all customer services into smart services that were tailor-made to be innovative and easy-to-use. For two years these services have been effectively serving the people and helping Dubai in becoming world’s smartest city in terms of roads and transport systems.

All the 173 smart services are offered via nine apps available on multiple platforms such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows. So in this article we will be discussing what these apps are and how they can help you in Dubai.

RTA Dubai

RTA Dubai is an interactive mobile-based application that can assist you as your guide in Dubai. It contains a variety of services designed to help passengers and drivers by specifying points of interest such as service centres, parking areas, metro and bus stations and taxi booking services. The following are the features RTA Dubai offers.

  • Personalized dashboard providing users a complete view of their profile along with important emergency numbers, government services and weather conditions for safe driving
  • Parking services allowing users to pay parking fees and remembering their parked locations
  • Fine inquiry and payment
  • nol balance inquiry, top up and view past transactions
  • Salik balance inquiry and top up
  • Taxi booking service
  • RTA theory test practice for drivers
  • Highlighting of hundreds points of interest across Dubai
  • Information regarding RTA services for disabled
  • Madinati service offering users to report any violations or defects in roads or hurdles in transportation services offered by the RTA
  • “Innovation Corner” offering articles and videos on innovation to read and share
  • RTA’s directory of services, locations and FAQs

Public Transport

Public and Transport app allows people using Dubai’s public transportation to save time. The App offers the following features.

  • Inquiry about or top-up of NOL Card balance
  • Application for personalised NOL Cards
  • Application for NOL Special Design Cards
  • Reviewing transaction history of NOL Cards
  • Tracking the status of submitted applications
  • Top-up eWallets and NOL cards with credit cards
  • Creating and managing eWallet account
  • Travel pass expiry and renewal notifications
  • Accessing online statement with credit cards
  • Giving feedback or reporting technical problems
  • mPay and ePay services for secure online payments through the app
  • Locating the closest RTA centre through app’s GPS functionality
  • Receiving reminders and notifications in real-time

Drivers and Vehicles

This app allows drivers to view registration cards, licenses and plate certificates via their Traffic File which is made accessible through the mentioned app. The following are the features it offers:

  • mStore – offering access to a digital version of users valid driving license, vehicle registration cards and distinguished plate number certificates
  • Parking services to pay parking fees and remembering parked location
  • mChat – for contacting the RTA customer service agents via instant messaging
  • Requesting for a Dubai plate number
  • Applying for a damaged or lost driver’s license replacement
  • Applying for vehicle registration and vehicle registration card renewal or a change of plate number
  • Applying for Vehicle Ownership Certificates
  • Paying or inquiring about traffic fines
  • Driver’s/vehicle license renewal via barcode scan
  • Viewing vehicle registration cards, licenses and plate certificates
  • Viewing recent activity
  • mPay and ePay services for secure payments online and through the app
  • Locating the nearest RTA centre with the app’s GPS functionality
  • Applying for a distinguished number plate or for the replacement of a lost or damaged distinguished plate number certificate

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services app allows users to stay in RTA’s corporate loop by accessing features such as claiming for commercial ads, load permits and reviewing current and future tenders. The app has 59 transactional, interactive and informational services in total and they fall into 10 categories. Through this app you can,

  • Review your current and future tenders.
  • Apply for NOC for construction/demolition.
  • Apply for commercial ads.
  • Track all your applications.
  • Get eWallet for corporate payment.
  • Utilise the Right of Way service.
  • Access contracts and purchasing.

RTA Smart Drive

RTA Smart Drive app allows you to navigate through Dubai. The app operates without mobile Internet connection and provides turn-by-turn voice and visual instruction, automatic re-routing and speed limit alerts. It also displays points of interest along the drive. Its features include:

  • ‘Live Traffic’ gives updates about traffic, roadwork and accidents. It also re-routes your trip when required.
  • Updated UAE map locations of Metro, Tram, Bus and Marine stations in Dubai
  • Real time traffic information and adjusted travel times on multiple saved routes.

Salik App

Salik app makes traveling convenient by managing user’s accounts on-the-go. Through it, users can recharge any account, view their balance, download statements and access other information content. It has the following features:

  • Tag activation
  • Balance inquiry
  • Recharge any account
  • View recent trips
  • Violation management
  • View Salik account registered vehicles

Smart Taxi

As its name suggests, the Smart Taxi app allows users to save time with the Smart Taxi App. It can book and track your Dubai taxi and provider details of the dispatched taxi. It has the following features:

  • This application has a total of 2 services: Automates taxi booking process.
  • Requires less personal data through the use of your ID card.
  • Benefits from smart mobile features such as GPS.
  • Allows users to rate drivers and view the last 10 bookings.


Wojhati is a journey planner app. It allows users to view routes, stops and major landmarks while helping them plan journeys using metro, buses and marine transport routes. At allows you to:

  • Plan journeys using public transport anywhere within Dubai
  • View routes, stops, major landmark locations
  • Bookmark favourite locations
  • Augmented reality features
  • Access recently viewed locations and journeys
  • Walking directions to and from stops
  • Text, email or WhatsApp journeys to friends
  • Access real time public transport delay information
  • Track journey progress in real-time and receive related alerts


Sharekni is RTA’s carpool management app that allows Dubai residents to share rides within the city and to connect with each other. Its features help in:

  • Reducing traffic congestion in Dubai at peak times by reducing the number of cars used by people.
  • Promoting multiple means of mobility and providing transport options to all.
  • Organising parking lots near offices
  • Saving money for people via carpool.
  • Reduce pollution due to less vehicles on road.
  • Reduce the physical and psychological stress of driving in traffic.
  • Encourage social relationships in the community

RTA’s Smart Services details on

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All what you need to know about RERA

Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department (DLD). It sets policies and makes plans for Dubai’s property sector to boost foreign investments and settle disputes between tenants and landlords. RERA has administrative independence, enjoys its own financial system and secures full legal authority to regulate Dubai’s realty.

Another function of RERA is to offer a transparent and effective legal framework to everyone related to the real estate sector of Dubai. The agency works hard to develop an on-line society for buyers, property developers and real estate investors and also facilitates supporting sectors such as the insurance, law firms and banks in order to boost mutual cooperation.

Its responsibilities include licensing real estate agents operating in Dubai, regulating and supervising the owners’ associations managing various buildings in the emirate and registering and regulating rental agreements. The agency also publishes studies for the property sector, regulates realty advertisements in the Mass Media and manages property developers’ trust account. Apart from licensing all real estate activities in Dubai, RERA also regulates and licenses real estate exhibitions along with working hard to enhance national participation in emirate’s realty sector.

The agency works in harmony with the DLD and together they have launched many smart applications to ease the life of everyone involved in the property business of Dubai. Here are five such real estate technologies DLD featured at the 36th edition of GITEX Technology Week 2016.


The Smart Pay Service is a new fee payment method developed by DLD. It allows people to pay the required procedure fees directly using a smart phone app. Through secure government channels, the app allows people to pay through different methods such as Credit Cards, Wire Transfer (From Limited Banks) and NQOODI Wallet. Smart Pay Service also saves user’s payment history, multiple credit cards and even the wallet balance.


Dubai Brokers another DLD introduced smart application provides people with accurate and real-time information about licenced property brokers in Dubai and their offices. It also ranks brokers per their performances and efficiency and provides details about projects a particular broker specialises in along with the number of transactions he/she has completed. Dubai Brokers app also verifies ownership certificates and thus it increases efficiency, speed up service delivery and reduce costs paid by the people.


Investment Map portal offers an integrated set of applications designed to offer people everything they need to make an educated investment decision in Dubai. It also features tools that ease the decision-making process and allows people transact online through secure government channel.


Ejari is DLD’s smart leasing management application that specialises in the management of leasing operations. Property management companies, property owners and even the owner’s representative can utilise this application to manage the leases from anywhere and at any time. It also reduces cost and time required to complete the registration of rental contracts and allows people to simply register their tenancy contracts online.


The Smart Judge app educates all parties involved in a rental contract about their legal rights with respect to EJARI and informs them whether they can file a judicial case or not. It also offers virtual judgments as a result of a final request for legal advice and provides free legal consultancy on the rental business in Dubai.

RERA has set also definitive laws to regulate the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. These laws also outline each party’s roles and responsibilities and are designed to minimise the frequent disputes and misunderstandings between tenants and property owners. We will soon be releasing a detailed article summing up Law No. 33 of 2008 in order to help people better understand everything they need know when renting a property in Dubai. So stay tuned to our blog.

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Bur Dubai

Further towards the creek, away from the glittery flashing lights, lie two of the biggest parts of Old Dubai: Deira and Bur Dubai. Newcomers to Dubai might not realise it, but before the emergence of mega-blocks like DIFC, Dubai Marina and JBR, Deira used to be the heart of Dubai, and Bur Dubai its quieter, more relaxed sister. Bur Dubai is home to many historic sites, museums and old buildings. Tour the living museums of the Heritage and Diving Village in Al Shindagha and explore the souks. Or wander through the lanes of the historic Al Fahidi District, home to some of the only original Arabic wind-tower houses left on the Arab side of the Gulf, built by wealthy traders and pearl merchants.

South Asian expats

Bur Dubai mainly attracts South Asian expats as well as international expats looking for affordable housing close to the centre of town. Like Deira, Bur Dubai is densely populated. Both areas are worth exploring, and offer countless benefits. Much of the charm of Bur Dubai lies in simply wandering along the waterfront and through the busy backstreets, although there are a number of specific attractions worth exploring. At the heart of the district, the Dubai Museum offers an excellent introduction to the city’s history, culture and customs, while the old Iranian quarter of Al Bastakiya (recently renamed Al Fahidi district) nearby is home to the city’s collection of traditional buildings, topped with dozens of wind towers.

Young professionals, small to mid-sized families

Bur Dubai is perfect for people looking for reasonable residential rent in close proximity to the hotspots of central Dubai. It’s one practical place to live when considering rent, amenities, and local transport links. Working expats with low-to-mid income can find great accommodation options in Bur Dubai for a reasonable price.

Busy, loud and full of adventures

Bur Dubai gets quite busy in the evenings as more and more people go out to grab a snack, have dinner, or finish errands. Residents spend a good deal of time out and about walking the streets and enjoying the many quick snack shops and cafes that line the streets. On weekends, particularly Friday afternoons, families head out to the creek or spend time in the different parks and attractions throughout the neighbourhood.

Compared to newer districts in Dubai, Bur Dubai enjoys a more natural, organic feel. The availability of outdoor activities and affordable entertainment options give residents a chance to explore the beauty of the city without breaking the budget.

Pet owners, large families and people who like to live in a quiet environment

If you are someone who owns a pet, or generally needs a lot of space, then Bur Dubai is probably not the best choice for you. Despite the apartments being larger than other newer areas of Dubai, the chaos of the backstreets does not lend itself to happy free-roaming pets like other areas in the Greens, The Springs, and The Lakes. Bur Dubai can get very congested, especially during rush-hours and weekends, so prepare yourself for a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic and noise pollution. In this area, using the Dubai Metro is a great option to avoid the delays caused by traffic.

Low to mid-range apartments

Rent in Bur Dubai is relatively cheap (starting from 50,000 AED/year). The area is dominated by mid-rise buildings offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR apartments. There are the occasional villas in Bur Dubai, but finding a vacant one to rent is very difficult. Residential buildings vary in Bur Dubai; some offer top-notch amenities such as swimming pools and gyms, while others conspicuously require maintenance and upkeep.

The creek, the history and the food

Every small detail in Bur Dubai is a reminder of a rich Emirati past. From museums, to art galleries, old Dubai is where residents can explore the “real” Dubai. This is also where you’ll get the strongest sense of Bur Dubai’s status as the city’s Little India, with dozens of no-frills curry houses, window displays full of glittery saris, and optimistic touts offering fake watches or “nice pashminas”.


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Arabian Ranches

Located a few minutes from the three main ring roads leading to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Arabian Ranches offers a variety of freehold villas and townhouses of two to six bedrooms, forming a complete community for families, with many amenities and facilities. Guaranteeing an exclusive lifestyle of comfort and luxury, every small detail of this community is designed to make life easy and enjoyable.

upper-class, Western expat families

Arabian Ranches has been designed specifically for upper-class, Western expat families. An exclusive gated villa community away from central Dubai, considered on the higher end of the property market, it is characterised by its privacy, spacious properties and unique Arabian architectural design.


Arabian Ranches provides the perfect family home for those who can afford the tag. Built with families in mind, the area offers a wide range of villas that would fit all different tastes and styles.

Family-oriented luxury living

Arabian Ranches is a great place for young families as there are a lot of community pools, parks, playgrounds and tennis courts. There is also a small mall with many dining options. The bus service operates very frequently so teenagers can access Mall Of Emirates. The Golf Club and Maison Mathis are both great venues for family dinners.

Young professionals seeking entertainment

While you will fall in love with the modernist architectural style of this community, the tranquil surroundings contribute to a sense of calm and quiet. For more of a vibrant lifestyle, young expats might want to commute to busier areas of the city, such as the Dubai Marina or DIFC.

High-end themed villas for rent starting from AED 110,000 per year

Arabian Ranches were among the most active areas in off-plan sales since the beginning of 2017, signalling increased investor activity, especially for villas.

The greenary

The greenary, the quiet, and the beautiful architecture. The fully-developed community offers an abundance of services that eliminates the need for daily trips to other areas.

image of Arabian Ranches boulevard

image of mosque in Arabian Ranches

image of Arabian Ranches area