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The Springs

The Springs Community is the perfect entry level villa community for many expats living in Dubai.

At the foot of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers lie the Lush green gardens that surround the Springs community. The Springs community is home to 4000 villas ranging between 2 and 4 bedrooms each. While the duplicity of the style of the exteriors and interiors might be a drawback, there is so much to love about the Springs Community that make up for this small nuisance.

Concentration of young families

Late afternoons as you jog through the beautiful landscaping surrounding the lakes you will find many small gaggles of nannies and babies enjoying the golden hour as the sun sets over Dubai Marina.

The small children play as parents and nannies alike watch over. The screams of joy are infectious.

The Springs Community is very active and you will always find the young parents outside, playing with their children on the grass near the lakes, or by the community swimming pools.

It is a great area to start a family and have your child be immersed between other young children at a young age.

Licence to entertain

With the Springs community being filled with young parents you can expect a lot of entertaining in the small little gardens out back.

Residents can expect the comforting smells of a barbeque on almost any night of the week. Residents and guests can always be found outside soaking up the cool winter months near a barbeque.

Couples in their early 30s love to entertain, and the design of the Springs villas do make entertaining quite easy. The space indoors is large enough for a sizeable dining table, while the garden outdoors can host a nice group of people.

Proximity to everything

The Springs Community’s location is a very big trump card in favour of the community. This community is located 5 minutes from Dubai Marina, 7 minutes from Emirates Mall, and 4 minutes from Barsha Heights where the Saudi German Hospital is located.

There are great schools, gyms, a Medicare, a fuel station and two shopping complexes located within the community.

There are so few communities within Dubai with this level of ease of access. The Springs Community is great for quiet family living, while also being close enough to all the great places that you would visit if you would like to get out of the house.

The Price tag

At around the same price of a 2-bedroom Dubai Marina apartment you can get a stunning villa with a private garden, two balconies and an office space. The size is also compared to what you can expect in a tower apartment.

The added value of the community’s proximity to Dubai Marina and Emirates Mall also makes Springs Community an absolute steal.

You would be quite hard pressed to find a villa in this price range with this value anywhere else in Dubai.

Lack of pretense

A great thing about the Springs Community is that so many people living in this area are young and working hard to make a living.

The cars in the area are dead normal. There aren’t any gold plated archways leading guests to the front door. Everything is normal and the community is so much greater for it.

The pretense that comes along with living in a villa is that you have made it big, living the lavish life here in Dubai. The pretense of proving your wealth is not apparent in Springs Community, and it is great.

This is exactly what you need with young children growing up in Dubai. The Springs Community is the perfect example of “suburbia” where children play outside and iPads are banished to the bottom of the play pin.

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Bur Dubai

Further towards the creek, away from the glittery flashing lights, lie two of the biggest parts of Old Dubai: Deira and Bur Dubai. Newcomers to Dubai might not realise it, but before the emergence of mega-blocks like DIFC, Dubai Marina and JBR, Deira used to be the heart of Dubai, and Bur Dubai its quieter, more relaxed sister. Bur Dubai is home to many historic sites, museums and old buildings. Tour the living museums of the Heritage and Diving Village in Al Shindagha and explore the souks. Or wander through the lanes of the historic Al Fahidi District, home to some of the only original Arabic wind-tower houses left on the Arab side of the Gulf, built by wealthy traders and pearl merchants.

South Asian expats

Bur Dubai mainly attracts South Asian expats as well as international expats looking for affordable housing close to the centre of town. Like Deira, Bur Dubai is densely populated. Both areas are worth exploring, and offer countless benefits. Much of the charm of Bur Dubai lies in simply wandering along the waterfront and through the busy backstreets, although there are a number of specific attractions worth exploring. At the heart of the district, the Dubai Museum offers an excellent introduction to the city’s history, culture and customs, while the old Iranian quarter of Al Bastakiya (recently renamed Al Fahidi district) nearby is home to the city’s collection of traditional buildings, topped with dozens of wind towers.

Young professionals, small to mid-sized families

Bur Dubai is perfect for people looking for reasonable residential rent in close proximity to the hotspots of central Dubai. It’s one practical place to live when considering rent, amenities, and local transport links. Working expats with low-to-mid income can find great accommodation options in Bur Dubai for a reasonable price.

Busy, loud and full of adventures

Bur Dubai gets quite busy in the evenings as more and more people go out to grab a snack, have dinner, or finish errands. Residents spend a good deal of time out and about walking the streets and enjoying the many quick snack shops and cafes that line the streets. On weekends, particularly Friday afternoons, families head out to the creek or spend time in the different parks and attractions throughout the neighbourhood.

Compared to newer districts in Dubai, Bur Dubai enjoys a more natural, organic feel. The availability of outdoor activities and affordable entertainment options give residents a chance to explore the beauty of the city without breaking the budget.

Pet owners, large families and people who like to live in a quiet environment

If you are someone who owns a pet, or generally needs a lot of space, then Bur Dubai is probably not the best choice for you. Despite the apartments being larger than other newer areas of Dubai, the chaos of the backstreets does not lend itself to happy free-roaming pets like other areas in the Greens, The Springs, and The Lakes. Bur Dubai can get very congested, especially during rush-hours and weekends, so prepare yourself for a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic and noise pollution. In this area, using the Dubai Metro is a great option to avoid the delays caused by traffic.

Low to mid-range apartments

Rent in Bur Dubai is relatively cheap (starting from 50,000 AED/year). The area is dominated by mid-rise buildings offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR apartments. There are the occasional villas in Bur Dubai, but finding a vacant one to rent is very difficult. Residential buildings vary in Bur Dubai; some offer top-notch amenities such as swimming pools and gyms, while others conspicuously require maintenance and upkeep.

The creek, the history and the food

Every small detail in Bur Dubai is a reminder of a rich Emirati past. From museums, to art galleries, old Dubai is where residents can explore the “real” Dubai. This is also where you’ll get the strongest sense of Bur Dubai’s status as the city’s Little India, with dozens of no-frills curry houses, window displays full of glittery saris, and optimistic touts offering fake watches or “nice pashminas”.


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Arabian Ranches

Located a few minutes from the three main ring roads leading to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Arabian Ranches offers a variety of freehold villas and townhouses of two to six bedrooms, forming a complete community for families, with many amenities and facilities. Guaranteeing an exclusive lifestyle of comfort and luxury, every small detail of this community is designed to make life easy and enjoyable.

upper-class, Western expat families

Arabian Ranches has been designed specifically for upper-class, Western expat families. An exclusive gated villa community away from central Dubai, considered on the higher end of the property market, it is characterised by its privacy, spacious properties and unique Arabian architectural design.


Arabian Ranches provides the perfect family home for those who can afford the tag. Built with families in mind, the area offers a wide range of villas that would fit all different tastes and styles.

Family-oriented luxury living

Arabian Ranches is a great place for young families as there are a lot of community pools, parks, playgrounds and tennis courts. There is also a small mall with many dining options. The bus service operates very frequently so teenagers can access Mall Of Emirates. The Golf Club and Maison Mathis are both great venues for family dinners.

Young professionals seeking entertainment

While you will fall in love with the modernist architectural style of this community, the tranquil surroundings contribute to a sense of calm and quiet. For more of a vibrant lifestyle, young expats might want to commute to busier areas of the city, such as the Dubai Marina or DIFC.

High-end themed villas for rent starting from AED 110,000 per year

Arabian Ranches were among the most active areas in off-plan sales since the beginning of 2017, signalling increased investor activity, especially for villas.

The greenary

The greenary, the quiet, and the beautiful architecture. The fully-developed community offers an abundance of services that eliminates the need for daily trips to other areas.

image of Arabian Ranches boulevard

image of mosque in Arabian Ranches

image of Arabian Ranches area

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Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim is an older, more established area nestled along Sheikh Zayed road between Dubai Marina and Downtown. Once away from Jumeirah Beach Road, with its busy thoroughfare, this neighborhood has some beautiful places and an overall peaceful feeling, and houses some of Dubai’s oldest and most established schools. The houses and villas on the sea side of Beach Road reside almost on the beach itself. On the other side, it is quiet and green with attractive gardens as well as plenty of shops, salons and restaurants of all types and price points.

Expatriate renters and local home-owners

This is an affluent area mainly populated by well-off expatriates and Emirati families who own their homes. Villas tend toward the larger side, with sizable plots, including grassy lawns and well-appointed gardens. Owing it to its long history, the community is not comprised of cookie cutter developments like most other parts of Dubai. Rather, there is a great variety of home sizes, shapes, and styles hosting a healthy mix of Emiratis and expatriates.

Don’t be shocked to find more than just a few shiny new cars behinds the large open gates of this neighbourhood’s villas. Notwithstanding, you’re also likely to find the shabbier cars of the neighbours’ hired help, as well as older villas serving various commercial purposes, from medical clinics to retail outlets.

Many of Umm Suqeim’s residents have been living in the UAE for years, and continue renting their homes despite an inability to invest as owners. These residents have seen Dubai expand southward from Trade Center, through Jumeirah, down to the Marina, and have found a happy medium in between the two poles of Dubai. They may work anywhere in Dubai, but are likely to spend their days at an office somewhere between Downtown and Media City.

Big families, pet owners, and beach lovers

Umm Suqeim, like Jumeirah, is an attractive neighbourhood offering luxury beach and villa living. It is also a great area to raise kids, since many of Dubai’s best and most established schools are in the area. In the same vein, safety is an oft-cited benefit of living in Umm Suqeim; most villas are far from highways and major roads so parents feel comfortable enough to let their children play in the streets. Take an easy bike ride to the beach to enjoy the mild Dubai winters and year-round sunshine, or enjoy one of the many parks that feature prominently in the neihgbourhood. Residents claim that they love the quite simplicity of the neighborhoods, even though they are almost directly opposite Mall of the Emirates, and very close to the restaurants and shops of Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Further, grocery stores, including Waitrose, Asqaq, and the Co-op are all blocks away. The proximity to these retail and food outlets makes everyday shopping convenient and easy.

Residents of Umm Suqeim are also incredibly friendly to animals; the area has a number of veterinary clinics and grooming shops, taking some of the hassle away from routine care of pets. And if you’re the type that might not have the time to take your pet for a weekly grooming session, fear not, many of the villas come equipped with extra space intended to house domestic help, meaning your life just got a little more comfortable.

Despite the quiet neighbourhoods, residents enjoy relatively easy and quick access to Sheikh Zayed Road, which can whisk them to other parts of Dubai in a matter of minutes.  The metro also has a number of stops that conveniently stop along Sheikh Zayed Road in front Umm Suqeim; though getting to the stations requires a bike or taxi.

Green, quiet, and healthy

Umm Suqeim gives residents an incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle; it is incredibly green and is well-equipped with walking paths and outdoors gym equipment.  The fresh air and proximity to the beach and parks make Umm Suqeim the perfect area for health buffs. There are plenty of cafes offering healthy food, but the selection of restaurants runs the gamut from high end.

People keen on living a buzzing nightlife

Residents of Umm Suqueim lament that traffic on Al Wasl and Beach Roads can be a nightmare during school pickup and evening rush hours. And although there are plenty of nice cafes, restaurants and parks, Umm Suqeim can feel a bit isolated, since it’s further from the hustle and bustle of a night out in Downtown, Marina or JLT. For those residents that crave an adult beverage outside of home, it can be difficult, since the area is not famous for partying.

Ordering in, on the other hand, has its own problems, as residents are complaining that providing directions to couriers or delivery of food and groceries, can be extremely frustrating. Luckily the solutions to these “first world problems” are multiplying, as Dubai’s startups move to address these logistical concerns.

This pricey area and may be outside many people’s budgets. Residents sometimes lament the cost of electricity required to cool their villas in summer, which can reach 5,000 AED per month in larger homes. In a final bid, to “first world problems” some residents lament that they can only use their gardens for half a year. While their gardens are green and lush, the summer heat may prevent them from enjoying them-beyond the aesthetic elements, of course-in the summer months.

Medium-to-massive villas

Villas owned by private landlords are the main type of accommodation here, with only a few apartment buildings. Villas can be grouped in compounds with shared facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds but more often than not are independent, with garden gates and garages opening onto the street.

Quiet enough to get away from the crowds, but still has enough going on to have an exciting social life

There are nice green parks and plenty of beach areas for jogging and walking. There are loads of nurseries and schools in the area so being able to walk to school during the cooler months is a definite bonus for families. Residents also love the combination of peace and quiet with a perfectly central location. Residents are well served by large supermarkets (Aswaaq and Choithrams) and most streets also have small corner shops that can deliver them with the essentials.


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Al Barsha

Al Barsha is a safe and quiet area filled with large, standalone villas and some new apartment blocks popular among Media City and Dubai Internet City employees. It is one of the relatively new communities located in the west part of the city between Sheikh Zayed Road and Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. The area has district zones, each with its own accommodation options. It is the general name for Al Barsha I, Al Barsha II, Al Barsha III and the very new Al Barsha South compounds.

Young professionals and expat families

Al Barsha was once popular with groups of young professionals, who wished to share the cost of a property, but they have moved on and the area is becoming the preserve of families. Al Barsha was once popular within groups of young professionals, wishing to share the costs of a property. These communal villas still exist, but the area is also becoming the preserve of families that enjoy the quiet neighborhood, larger living spaces, and huge plots of land.

Residents can enjoy the benefits of living in a community of villas, away from the hustle and bustle of city life amongst Dubai’s skyscrapers. The streets in Al Barsha are wide and many villa plots are large, often equipped with private swimming pools and barbecue areas for hosting gatherings of friends and family. For those that are friends with their neighbors, it’s not uncommon to be invited to an ad-hoc BBQ at an adjacent villa. If you’re someone that enjoys hosting guests, a Ramadan Iftar, a pool party or a BBQ in your garden, this area will be a true pleasure.


Small to medium families wanting to live in the heart of Dubai without breaking the budget. Small to medium families looking to live in the heart of Dubai without breaking the budget. In 2016, you could rent an apartment in the area for an average price of AED 109,500 while today the price has come down to AED 86,500.  In addition to the low cost of rent per square foot, residents love the easy access to parking on the street. Hosting guests here is less challenging, as parking does not pose the logistical issue that often appears in other parts of this and other major cities around the globe.

Al Barsha has a true sense of neighborhood, while located next to the most busy areas of the city. The area is also ideal for single professionals who use the metro daily, offering many metro stations nearby.

Laid-back and family-oriented

Laid back, family-oriented lifestyle for people on a budget. Dozens of hotels offer an ambiant nightlife Laid back, family-oriented lifestyle for people on a budget who don’t like being constrained by small places, those who prefer a house over an apartment. Dozens of hotels in the surrounding areas offer an ambient nightlife.

Residents who get easily irritated by excess traffic and noise

If you get easily irritated by construction and traffic, Al Barsha is probably not the place for you. If you get easily irritated by construction and traffic, Al Barsha is probably not the place for you. The community is still a work in progress so some areas still suffer occasionally from excessive noise as early as 6:00 or 7:00 am, arguably much earlier than legally allowed.

Traffic diversions and dust are the obvious bedfellows to the construction activity dotted around villas and compounds.  These issues add up to the already significant challenge of directing visitors and taxis to the location of your villa.  Recent advances in technology and initiatives from the Dubai government and private sector – including Makani numbers, Uber, and others – have decreased, but not eliminated, such hassles.

Mid-rise apartment towers and villa communities

Al Barsha has large villa communities and midrise apartment towers that are popular with the locals as well as expats.vAl Barsha has large villa communities and mid-rise apartment towers that are popular among families of locals, as well as expats.

Apartments are of good quality as they are newly built. They are executive type flats and not necessarily luxurious. Nearly all the buildings tend to have the usual extras such as gyms and swimming pools.

The location and quality life on a budget

The convinient location, the dining options and easy access to Mall of the Emirates. Easy access to Mall Of the Emirates and Al Barsha Mall, with their innumerate retail, grocery, and dining options, makes Al Barsha an appealing location. While only connected to two metro stations on its northern perimeter, Barsha is also conveniently situated close to all of the other nightlife and fun weekend activities of JLT and Dubai Marina, as well as a number of golf courses located within a few kilometers’ radius. And with the spectacle which is not other than Dubai Miracle Garden located on the southern tip of Al Barsha, residents will never fail to amaze their guests with a quick neighbourhood tour.

You will get a lot more for your money than somewhere like Jumeirah, in terms of accommodation size. The area is central with easy access to Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed Roads. Mall Of the Emirates is on your doorstep and Al Quoz Art Community is very near, providing a bit of food for your soul when that is required. You will fall in love with the assortment of restaurants the area has to offer.

attractions barsha

living Barsha

al salam mosque al barsha

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Motor City

Replete with multiple groceries, salons, spas, laundries, kids entertainment, schools, and nurseries, as well as retail and dining amenities, this “city within a city”, reduces the need to travel outside the community for everyday living, or even specialty requirements, really.  With the Dubai Autodrome and Kartodrome right next door, and Tennis and Cricket Sports academies a stone’s throw away, there is never a dearth of fun, sporty and adventurous activities around.

A slightly quirky but extremely pleasant community with plenty of greenery that offers apartments with spacious terraces and balconies. With little through traffic, a number of play areas and community pools, its a good option for families.

Just about every nationality and age bracket

Motor City is a varied community; you’ll see just about every nationality and age bracket, but the neighbourhood is particularly popular with young professionals who enjoy having a lot of space at a reasonable cost. Your neighbours are likely to be outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying the pedestrian-friendly streets and the many options for community and sport activities at their doorsteps.

There are many dog-owners who choose to live in Motor City because of its pet-friendly policies and walkable streets. Community groups organise various canine-related activities such as the annual Dog Halloween.

Motor City has become particularly popular with small families thanks to its playgrounds and nurseries, and again, because of it’s reasonably priced housing options. Building clusters share community swimming pools and gyms, which form hubs of activity for those with young children, sun-seekers, and the gymming members of the community.

Small families and pet-owners

Motor City is a great place to start a family in Dubai; it is less hectic than Dubai’s commercial districts and the lush greenery provides fresher air. The spacious apartments mean the younger members of your family will have plenty of room to scatter their toys and build forts.

If you love exercising and working out, Motor City’s paved running tracks and outdoor exercise equipment will add significant value to your life. And these paths are not only for health and well-being; you’ll often find small groups of friends exercising together while chatting away!

Laid back and healthy

It is not uncommon to see runners and athletes jogging across the walk paths at any time of the day. The structure of Motor City encourages healthier lifestyle choices and outdoor activities. Even among those without a proclivity for sporting pastimes, many people are walking around this pedestrian friendly neighbourhood simply because it forms an easy mode of transportation. Otherwise, this is a fairly quiet and laid back area. With it’s Wednesday evening open cycling night, the Dubai Autodrome is a great facility for cycling enthusiasts to have a ride around the track, and for the health conscious foodies among us to enjoy a hearty, nutritious meal at The Cycle Bistro.

People who rely on taxis and public transport

Even though an Uber or Careem are both just a screen touch away, some people find Motor City remote. Owning or renting a car is a nice-to-have luxury if you want to live in Motor City. If you prefer to live in the heart of the big city, you might find Motor City a little too quaint.

Affordable mid-sized apartments and townhouses.

The area offers well-priced apartments and quality three-storey townhouses. The Green Community consists of spacious mid-range villas overlooking mesmerising lakes. The area falls into the more affordable range of apartments. Taking into consideration the great services and facilities it offers, Motor City is a good bargain.

The greenery and the friendly atmosphere

The reason why residents of Motor City love their community is because it offers everything you need to feel at home: friendly neighbours, fresh air, greenery, and convenient shops and services. Residents also love the sense of safety and security that the area provides for children, with plenty of cafes where adults can relax.


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Business Bay

Living, working, sightseeing and entertaining. Welcome to Business Bay! Until recently, the area nestled next to Downtown Dubai had been in the shadow of its glitzy neighbour to the north, whose high profile landmarks include the Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar and The Dubai Mall. But Business Bay has now become one of Dubai’s most attractive residential, commercial, and business centres and will soon have quite a bit more waterfront property, as Dubai Water Canal approaches completion.

Young expats from different nationalities

Business Bay mostly attracts young professionals looking for a fast-paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle. High-rise buildings are the name of the game. Residents include those that want to be close to downtown, but might not want to pay the premium rents. High end hotels also abound, with their usual attraction of entertainment and dining options.

With direct access to major highways, and its proximity to Downtown, Jumeirah, DIFC and other central touch points, Business Bay is becoming a gradual (albeit work-in-progress) extension to the Downtown Dubai strip. Expect more and more conveniently located retail and restaurant outlets to populate the neighborhood. Young couples and singles love the area’s convenient location and its high-rise buildings.

Young professionals

The area is ideal for young professionals who want to live in the heart of Dubai’s business district and stay close to its commercial hub, Downtown Dubai. Also conveniently located near a metro stop, some parts of Business Bay make it easy to live in Dubai without a car. Business Bay is a mixed residential / commercial space with wide streets, and traffic tends to be light within the neighbourhood.  The same can not be said for Business Bay’s immediate neighbour to the north.

Business Bay offers excellent residential rent prices considering its proximity to Downtown and DIFC, with entertainment just a short drive away, and increasingly rearing its fun head in hotels throughout the community. In addition, residents say they love the amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains. Certainly not all towers and units have that view, but securing one that does forms a great reason to live in Business Bay.

Fast-paced and business-oriented

The lifestyle in Business Bay can be defined as very business-oriented and fast-paced; you will see hurried people in suits and briefcases. On the other hand, Business Bay also has a very entertaining side, especially when it comes to nightlife on weekends.

Big families and pet-owners

Like in other high rising business districts, having a big family or large pets may be less than ideal in Business Bay. For those that admire the great expanses of Dubai’s largest villas, this area also might not be for you. The limited number of playgrounds, rush-hour traffic and mild pollution might scare off some parents. The streets are not as quiet as those small back roads in Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim, meaning children and aspiring athletes might not be as free to roam.

One additional complaint of residents, particularly those whose families enjoy the beaches of Dubai, is that the beaches are a drive away. Compared to other areas, including the Marina, Jumeirah, and Umm Suqeim, which provide walking or biking access to the beach, Business Bay is far.

Residents also lament that, both because it’s a work-in-progress area and because Business Bay houses a business district, there are fewer grocery stores and restaurants to choose from than one would prefer. The solution, of course, lies in any of the areas around Business Bay, but this is less convenient than having a multitude of options at your doorstep.

Traffic getting onto and off of Sheikh Zayed Road often sees delays during rush hours.

Mid-to-high range apartments for expatriate professionals

The residential apartments are quite spacious and airy here, as apartments go. From studios to 5 bedrooms and penthouses, Business Bay offers a complete range of rentals starting from 70,000 AED. Business Bay is a favourite amongst individuals looking for an upscale studio in a central area. The studios are spacious and well-lit.

The views, amenities, easy access to SZR

In Business Bay, you will love just how close you are to Downtown, DIFC, and other areas of Dubai. Residents also love the availability of parking within Business Bay, which removes some of the hassle of inviting guests over to their part of town. The residential units in Business Bay offer beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf, Downtown Dubai, and the less developed side of Dubai.

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Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is one of the 60 major communities in freehold Dubai. An exceptional residential community located in Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens offers residents a beautiful home, set in exquisite surroundings, putting your lifestyle dreams within affordable reach. It is a modern residential community that opens up a world of cosmopolitan sophistication and offers integrated living at its best. The community is rectangular shaped, with one end facing Sheikh Zayed Road and the other along Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

Small expat families

The area is largely populated by small expat families looking for affordable, yet comfortable, accommodation. Although this part of town is slightly further from locations most 20-something bachelors usually reside in, such as Marina and Downtown, the affordable prices make it well worth it.

Affordable housing in the hub of the city

The big advantage of Discovery Gardens is that it’s well located in New Dubai yet with prices still being affordable. The prices in the area are mainly determined by location.

Afternoons in the gardens

In terms of activities and leisure, residents have several community pools, playgrounds and a couple of basketball and tennis courts that are free to use. Discovery Gardens owes its name to the stunning garden that surrounds it.

Limited access

There are times that the community seems like a bunch of low-level housing blocks from which the traffic tries to burst out of in the morning, causing a few headaches for the less patient among us! Fortunately, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) quickly helped to reduce the traffic tailbacks by building a roundabout. Outside of peak hours, there’s no real problem.

Along with the lack of community facilities, the other big problem that the residents of Discovery Gardens are facing has to do with access. You can only reach it through the two Ibn Battuta exits on Sheikh Zayed Road or via an unofficial route through the sand from Al Khail Road. Even though Discovery Gardens is probably less than 50% fully constructed, a lack of proper planning means that the access roads are completely inadequate during peak hours.

One of 2017’s most affordable communities

The community has matured and has very high occupancy rates (estimated at between 95 – 97%). The 291 buildings in the community are mainly inhabited by bachelors and small families. There are no designated car parks, but parking is plentiful around each and every building. The community has greened tremendously since its delivery in 2009. Based on the location, space and affordability of the apartments, as well as the overall quality of the communities, Discovery Gardens is one of the top areas in Dubai to rent a studio for under AED 50K. Discovery Gardens is also one of the 20 rising areas to rent and buy in Dubai. For the year of 2017, Discovery Gardens is one of the most affordable communities.

Buildings are clustered by style: Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary and Mogul. The Zen and Mediterranean buildings command the highest sale and rental prices. Other factors that can affect prices are proximity to the pool and other facilities. Buildings closer to the desert and power cables that run adjacent to the community, command lower sale prices.

The colorful architecture

Discovery Gardens buildings are colourful and architecturally pleasing. It consists of themed districts, each with its own distinctive character, capturing different elements of nature’s rich diversity. The community’s close proximity to Dubai’s major business and economic centres, including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall make it an ideal location for business and leisure.



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Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR, short for Jumeirah Beach Residence, is the beach-facing development instantly recognisable for its sandy-hued towers. The area is part of Dubai Marina and sits between the central, water-lining part of the development and the seashore. JBR is claimed to be the biggest residential quarter in the world. The complex runs the entire 1.7km length of The Walk, Dubai’s most popular beachside boulevard with its restaurants, cafes and smart shops. At podium level, the apartments have their own walkways, gardens, shared pools, shops and convenience stores.


Perfect for couples and young families

There is no doubt that this place ranks high on the list of desirable residential addresses with spacious apartments of varying styles and affordable prices located right next to the sea and the Walk and a stone’s throw from the Marina.

Living here allows residents to pride themselves on a Palm Jumeirah view, and depending on what tower you’re in, the Burj Al Arab, too!

Dining and nightlife

One of the key components to the area is the Walk, an uninterrupted parade of restaurants, cafés and hotels featuring more of the same. All along this cobbled-effect promenade, you’ll find an endless row of casual American-style diners, and cafés and restaurants serving up all manner of different cuisines. Popular with locals, residents and tourists alike, JBR is almost old hat. But don’t be fooled – its charming waterfronts are lined with an ever-growing number of top-notch restaurants and some surprising shopping choices.

City-living with a sea-view

If you imagine luxurious waterfront apartments, all envisioned and developed in the Mediterranean and Arabic architectural styles in one of the largest cities in the world, then that is what JBR is like. Filled with beachside apartments surrounded by every convenience, this area of the Emirate is created with modern design and aesthetic beauty as its primary goals.

Like its neighbouring Dubai Marina, you don’t have to own a car if you live at JBR. Two metro stations are each just a short walk across one of the bridges over the Marina and the new tram system connects with the metro stations and has helped to ease traffic congestion around JBR enabling local residents to get about swiftly and easily.

Prepare for the traffic-jam

Traffic woes have blighted the area for the past few years, creating frustration for residents and visitors alike, but it doesn’t stop the crowds from coming for a family-friendly night out. Some parts of the development in JBR are still construction zones. Despite the road system upgrades, it is hard to see how the sheer volume of people expected to move to such a concentrated area will move about. There also seems to be a proliferation of American-style food chains, and luxury shops stocking fur coats – rather than corner shops selling milk. Shopping is another thing you’ll struggle with if you live in the area -there are no malls grouping retailers together, just the odd art or beachwear shop dotted around the development.

Old building with a perfect ocean view

JBR properties in total showcase about 36 magnificent Arab and Mediterranean designed apartments and it also includes four deluxe hotels which are very close to the business centres of Dubai and it also offers a perfect view of the ocean. It is located on the North side of the beautiful and exclusive Dubai Marina and was created to give the residents a superb experience of the beach-side living.

However, as the area is almost 100% completed, the residential buildings are old; characteristic visible also when it comes to the amenities they offer and their appearance. JBR, as part of the Marina, appears to have a stable real estate market.

The Walk and the art

Because there are so many outdoor cafés and restaurants, there is a lively vibe at night and it’s remarkably pleasant to take a stroll down pedestrian strip The Walk, or along the beach – another very big draw. Wild animals and sea creatures have taken over one side of JBR. Some of the most celebrated street artists in the world were seen at the strip, with some still putting the final touches into their works.

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Mirdif is a residential area located in Dubai. As Dubai has grown, the area has become more popular among expatriates with families. Geographically, it is close to Dubai Festival City, and Al Rashidiya. Mirdif is located approximately 10km away from Deira City Centre to the south east and borders Al Mizhar from the north and Al Warqaa from the south to the eastern part of Mirdif, where there is the public park of Al Mushrif. Located adjacent to the Rashidiya Metro station and the Dubai International Airport, Mirdif is easily accessible from frequented arterial highways including Emirates Road.

Expat and local families

Mirdif has a population consisting of Europeans, South-Asians, Arabs, and Emiratis. Mirdif is well-connected to the whole city including the business districts. Once a less popular spot inhabited mostly by locals, it is now a well-connected area, popular among expats with families, especially those working in old Dubai. Due to its proximity to the airport, Mirdif is popular among individuals working in Dubai International Airport, such as Emirates crew. Additionally, Mirdif is a great location for people working in Sharjah but insisting on living in Dubai.

The outdoor-sy

Mirdif is a quieter suburban community for those looking for a family-friendly lifestyle. In the area, you will find Mushrif Park is one of the greatest parks of the whole town and also the biggest one! You have a mini zoo, and complete range of outdoor activities imaginable like running, walking, bike riding and tremendous picnics. Al Khawaneej Pond Park recently opened to the public and includes a very long cycle-track that is surrounded by long surfaces of greenery.

Due to its proximity to Al Khawaneej that offers easy access to the desert, Mirdif is ideal for those enjoying off-roading. Most streets are paved, making the neighborhood very pet-friendly. Another advantage of Mirdif is that it offers free parking inside most of its communities, meaning that your guests won’t have to deal with this inconvenience.

You won’t need to leave the area

Mirdif is a family friendly environment and has walking areas, benches, garden areas and even children’s play areas. When it comes to facilities, this neighborhood has literally everything; from shopping malls to parks, countless restaurants, schools, beauty salons, pet shops, sports facilities like Fitness First and other sports facilities, as well as administrative facilities like DEWA, Etisalat, Emirates Post Office in Rashidiya, and Al Twar.

When it comes to sports, to be more exact, Mirdif covers everything other than a swimming pools available to its residents who would have to commute to another area for this particular purpose. Arabian Mall, Etihad Mall, Mirdif City Center, Aswaaq Mall, and Mizhar Mall are there to keep you busy when you need to do grocery or fashion shopping, or to just entertain yourself and your dear ones.

Noise cancelling headphones are much needed

The area is located right behind Dubai International Airport, hence much of the area suffers from the noise coming from the flight path of most take offs and landings. However, the noise only becomes louder in the evenings, when the rest of the sounds gets less noticeable. On the other hand, this along with the distance from new Dubai keep the rents lower than in many other parts of the city. Because of its popularity among those working in Sharjah and central areas of Dubai and still residing in the area, Mirdif suffers from heavy traffic during rush-hour.

Value for money

Mirdif consists of high-end, elegant and sophisticated communities and European style-villas. It features mainly villa developments, or single privately held villas. It has become popular with more land being sold to large real-estate developers. Compared to some of Dubai’s more central addresses, Mirdif offers value for money in terms of accommodation.

The area consists of 2 popular communities: Uptown Mirdif; the whole area is resembling the architectural style to an old English spa town, and the Shorooq Ghoroob where apartments and well-manicured villas are available for rent or sale. The rest of Mirdif belongs to private landlords, mostly locals.

The landscaping of the communities

Mirdif is very unique geographically and has and is offers value for money in terms of the quality of housing. But you will fall in love with, are the play areas and recreation facilities that are nestled within landscaped gardens and public parks across the developments of this community.

Uptown Mirdif constitutes the heart of this area, by serving as the social centre of Mirdif. It is a huge complex, contains health centers, pharmacies, and is even home to a school. As a visitor or a resident, you will find yourself hanging out in Uptown Mirdif most of the time.