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What was historically home to Emirati fishermen, pearl divers and traders, later became the principal area for western expatriates in Dubai. Jumeirah was once the only up-scale residential community area in Dubai, known as the original expat neighborhood. Throughout the years the area might have gotten overshadowed by the record-breaking monuments in the city, but it still remains a favorite for expats looking for a relaxing, healthy community.

Emirati and western families
Jumeirah is home to well-off and middle class expat families and many Emirati families. It also houses the odd group of singles that share a villa on or near the beach on a by-room basis. Because the area has little-to-no freehold availability, everyone barring Emirati locals, will be renting their villas.
Perhaps the first residential area in Dubai to house a significantly large number of foreign expatriates, Jumeirah has a very high concentration of international schools, making the area even more expat friendly.
Over the past few years, Jumeirah has become increasingly popular among young people who are drawn to its growing art scene and entertainment venues. The beach areas, in particular Kite Beach, have seen increasing foot traffic as the trendy pop up food trucks and kiosks continue to attract Dubai residents and tourists alike. A number of well-regarded beach-front kiosks are drawing longer and longer lines, as throngs gather to taste their delectable delights.

Families, pets owners and beach lovers
People with children love Jumeirah and the comfortable, more relaxed lifestyle it has to offer, away from Dubai’s highways. It is very common to see these families camping out on the various beaches of the neighborhood, enjoying the all-year sunshine for which Dubai is famous.

If you’re a dog-lover, Jumeirah will probably be the perfect community for you. It’s known as the most dog-friendly neighbourhood in Dubai; just take a look at the dog owners who can be found walking their four-legged companions every evening. Jumeirah is also a favourite for health buffs as it has dozens of gyms and offers numbers of activities associated with the beach.

Laid back, comfortable and healthy
Unlike many of Dubai’s neighborhoods, Jumeirah has a good stock of independent fashion and art boutiques housed in small, almost quaint shopping centers. Day-time social life in Jumeirah evolves around the beach and the cute local cafes. In the evening, the Souk Madinat and luxury hotels form adult-friendly options for the thirsty among us.

Families on a budget and Individuals who rely on metro
Even though it is more reasonably priced than other villa communities in Dubai, Jumeirah is not a cheap neighbourhood. That’s why families on a budget might find the rent high there. Jumeirah will create issues for those of us that are not accustomed, or choose not to drive, as this neighbourhood’s public transport options are not the best in Dubai. Individuals who rely on metro as a main transportation mean might find living in Jumeirah a little challenging, as almost all the metro stations are a bus-ride away.

Mid-range to high-end villas
Jumeirah is administratively divided into three neighbourhoods: Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3. In all three of them, there are both expensive and large detached properties as well as more modest town houses built in a variety of architectural styles. With or without pools, you can find a range of small villa communities and independent homes.

With great variety among prices, Jumeirah offers a number of relatively affordable villas compared to newer, more expensive areas. Villas for rent can be found in a wide range of prices, starting from 150,000 AED per year, going up as high as almost 2,000,000 AED! The average prices range between 250,000 and 350,000 AED.

The promenade, the restaurants and the friendly neighbours
The peaceful streets of Jumeirah provide the residents with safe areas to walk and play, young and old alike. Most of Jumeirah is accessible on foot, and more importantly, situated on roads that you’ll actually enjoy walking on. Residents love living across the street from the beach and having an abundance of activities for both children and adults.