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Mirdif is a residential area located in Dubai. As Dubai has grown, the area has become more popular among expatriates with families. Geographically, it is close to Dubai Festival City, and Al Rashidiya. Mirdif is located approximately 10km away from Deira City Centre to the south east and borders Al Mizhar from the north and Al Warqaa from the south to the eastern part of Mirdif, where there is the public park of Al Mushrif. Located adjacent to the Rashidiya Metro station and the Dubai International Airport, Mirdif is easily accessible from frequented arterial highways including Emirates Road.

Expat and local families

Mirdif has a population consisting of Europeans, South-Asians, Arabs, and Emiratis. Mirdif is well-connected to the whole city including the business districts. Once a less popular spot inhabited mostly by locals, it is now a well-connected area, popular among expats with families, especially those working in old Dubai. Due to its proximity to the airport, Mirdif is popular among individuals working in Dubai International Airport, such as Emirates crew. Additionally, Mirdif is a great location for people working in Sharjah but insisting on living in Dubai.

The outdoor-sy

Mirdif is a quieter suburban community for those looking for a family-friendly lifestyle. In the area, you will find Mushrif Park is one of the greatest parks of the whole town and also the biggest one! You have a mini zoo, and complete range of outdoor activities imaginable like running, walking, bike riding and tremendous picnics. Al Khawaneej Pond Park recently opened to the public and includes a very long cycle-track that is surrounded by long surfaces of greenery.

Due to its proximity to Al Khawaneej that offers easy access to the desert, Mirdif is ideal for those enjoying off-roading. Most streets are paved, making the neighborhood very pet-friendly. Another advantage of Mirdif is that it offers free parking inside most of its communities, meaning that your guests won’t have to deal with this inconvenience.

You won’t need to leave the area

Mirdif is a family friendly environment and has walking areas, benches, garden areas and even children’s play areas. When it comes to facilities, this neighborhood has literally everything; from shopping malls to parks, countless restaurants, schools, beauty salons, pet shops, sports facilities like Fitness First and other sports facilities, as well as administrative facilities like DEWA, Etisalat, Emirates Post Office in Rashidiya, and Al Twar.

When it comes to sports, to be more exact, Mirdif covers everything other than a swimming pools available to its residents who would have to commute to another area for this particular purpose. Arabian Mall, Etihad Mall, Mirdif City Center, Aswaaq Mall, and Mizhar Mall are there to keep you busy when you need to do grocery or fashion shopping, or to just entertain yourself and your dear ones.

Noise cancelling headphones are much needed

The area is located right behind Dubai International Airport, hence much of the area suffers from the noise coming from the flight path of most take offs and landings. However, the noise only becomes louder in the evenings, when the rest of the sounds gets less noticeable. On the other hand, this along with the distance from new Dubai keep the rents lower than in many other parts of the city. Because of its popularity among those working in Sharjah and central areas of Dubai and still residing in the area, Mirdif suffers from heavy traffic during rush-hour.

Value for money

Mirdif consists of high-end, elegant and sophisticated communities and European style-villas. It features mainly villa developments, or single privately held villas. It has become popular with more land being sold to large real-estate developers. Compared to some of Dubai’s more central addresses, Mirdif offers value for money in terms of accommodation.

The area consists of 2 popular communities: Uptown Mirdif; the whole area is resembling the architectural style to an old English spa town, and the Shorooq Ghoroob where apartments and well-manicured villas are available for rent or sale. The rest of Mirdif belongs to private landlords, mostly locals.

The landscaping of the communities

Mirdif is very unique geographically and has and is offers value for money in terms of the quality of housing. But you will fall in love with, are the play areas and recreation facilities that are nestled within landscaped gardens and public parks across the developments of this community.

Uptown Mirdif constitutes the heart of this area, by serving as the social centre of Mirdif. It is a huge complex, contains health centers, pharmacies, and is even home to a school. As a visitor or a resident, you will find yourself hanging out in Uptown Mirdif most of the time.