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All what you need to know about RTA’s Smart Services

Dubai is known as the most modern region in the Middle East and that is for a reason. You will see technological advancement in every part of the emirate. Look in real estate, healthcare, environment, logistics, public transportation and even government procedures, the creative utilization of technology everywhere is amazing! This article is about how Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has modernised the transportation system of the emirate and how you can benefit from RTA’s smart services.

To locals, foreigners and tourists, Dubai’s RTA offers 173 different smart services that they can utilise to make their daily commute easier. Interestingly, these services are not limited to travelling on roads, but also offer accessibility to the desert and water-based travelling.

Nearly two years ago, RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, announced that the RTA accomplished the transformation of all customer services into smart services that were tailor-made to be innovative and easy-to-use. For two years these services have been effectively serving the people and helping Dubai in becoming world’s smartest city in terms of roads and transport systems.

All the 173 smart services are offered via nine apps available on multiple platforms such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows. So in this article we will be discussing what these apps are and how they can help you in Dubai.

RTA Dubai

RTA Dubai is an interactive mobile-based application that can assist you as your guide in Dubai. It contains a variety of services designed to help passengers and drivers by specifying points of interest such as service centres, parking areas, metro and bus stations and taxi booking services. The following are the features RTA Dubai offers.

  • Personalized dashboard providing users a complete view of their profile along with important emergency numbers, government services and weather conditions for safe driving
  • Parking services allowing users to pay parking fees and remembering their parked locations
  • Fine inquiry and payment
  • nol balance inquiry, top up and view past transactions
  • Salik balance inquiry and top up
  • Taxi booking service
  • RTA theory test practice for drivers
  • Highlighting of hundreds points of interest across Dubai
  • Information regarding RTA services for disabled
  • Madinati service offering users to report any violations or defects in roads or hurdles in transportation services offered by the RTA
  • “Innovation Corner” offering articles and videos on innovation to read and share
  • RTA’s directory of services, locations and FAQs

Public Transport

Public and Transport app allows people using Dubai’s public transportation to save time. The App offers the following features.

  • Inquiry about or top-up of NOL Card balance
  • Application for personalised NOL Cards
  • Application for NOL Special Design Cards
  • Reviewing transaction history of NOL Cards
  • Tracking the status of submitted applications
  • Top-up eWallets and NOL cards with credit cards
  • Creating and managing eWallet account
  • Travel pass expiry and renewal notifications
  • Accessing online statement with credit cards
  • Giving feedback or reporting technical problems
  • mPay and ePay services for secure online payments through the app
  • Locating the closest RTA centre through app’s GPS functionality
  • Receiving reminders and notifications in real-time

Drivers and Vehicles

This app allows drivers to view registration cards, licenses and plate certificates via their Traffic File which is made accessible through the mentioned app. The following are the features it offers:

  • mStore – offering access to a digital version of users valid driving license, vehicle registration cards and distinguished plate number certificates
  • Parking services to pay parking fees and remembering parked location
  • mChat – for contacting the RTA customer service agents via instant messaging
  • Requesting for a Dubai plate number
  • Applying for a damaged or lost driver’s license replacement
  • Applying for vehicle registration and vehicle registration card renewal or a change of plate number
  • Applying for Vehicle Ownership Certificates
  • Paying or inquiring about traffic fines
  • Driver’s/vehicle license renewal via barcode scan
  • Viewing vehicle registration cards, licenses and plate certificates
  • Viewing recent activity
  • mPay and ePay services for secure payments online and through the app
  • Locating the nearest RTA centre with the app’s GPS functionality
  • Applying for a distinguished number plate or for the replacement of a lost or damaged distinguished plate number certificate

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services app allows users to stay in RTA’s corporate loop by accessing features such as claiming for commercial ads, load permits and reviewing current and future tenders. The app has 59 transactional, interactive and informational services in total and they fall into 10 categories. Through this app you can,

  • Review your current and future tenders.
  • Apply for NOC for construction/demolition.
  • Apply for commercial ads.
  • Track all your applications.
  • Get eWallet for corporate payment.
  • Utilise the Right of Way service.
  • Access contracts and purchasing.

RTA Smart Drive

RTA Smart Drive app allows you to navigate through Dubai. The app operates without mobile Internet connection and provides turn-by-turn voice and visual instruction, automatic re-routing and speed limit alerts. It also displays points of interest along the drive. Its features include:

  • ‘Live Traffic’ gives updates about traffic, roadwork and accidents. It also re-routes your trip when required.
  • Updated UAE map locations of Metro, Tram, Bus and Marine stations in Dubai
  • Real time traffic information and adjusted travel times on multiple saved routes.

Salik App

Salik app makes traveling convenient by managing user’s accounts on-the-go. Through it, users can recharge any account, view their balance, download statements and access other information content. It has the following features:

  • Tag activation
  • Balance inquiry
  • Recharge any account
  • View recent trips
  • Violation management
  • View Salik account registered vehicles

Smart Taxi

As its name suggests, the Smart Taxi app allows users to save time with the Smart Taxi App. It can book and track your Dubai taxi and provider details of the dispatched taxi. It has the following features:

  • This application has a total of 2 services: Automates taxi booking process.
  • Requires less personal data through the use of your ID card.
  • Benefits from smart mobile features such as GPS.
  • Allows users to rate drivers and view the last 10 bookings.


Wojhati is a journey planner app. It allows users to view routes, stops and major landmarks while helping them plan journeys using metro, buses and marine transport routes. At allows you to:

  • Plan journeys using public transport anywhere within Dubai
  • View routes, stops, major landmark locations
  • Bookmark favourite locations
  • Augmented reality features
  • Access recently viewed locations and journeys
  • Walking directions to and from stops
  • Text, email or WhatsApp journeys to friends
  • Access real time public transport delay information
  • Track journey progress in real-time and receive related alerts


Sharekni is RTA’s carpool management app that allows Dubai residents to share rides within the city and to connect with each other. Its features help in:

  • Reducing traffic congestion in Dubai at peak times by reducing the number of cars used by people.
  • Promoting multiple means of mobility and providing transport options to all.
  • Organising parking lots near offices
  • Saving money for people via carpool.
  • Reduce pollution due to less vehicles on road.
  • Reduce the physical and psychological stress of driving in traffic.
  • Encourage social relationships in the community

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