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The Springs

The Springs Community is the perfect entry level villa community for many expats living in Dubai.

At the foot of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers lie the Lush green gardens that surround the Springs community. The Springs community is home to 4000 villas ranging between 2 and 4 bedrooms each. While the duplicity of the style of the exteriors and interiors might be a drawback, there is so much to love about the Springs Community that make up for this small nuisance.

Concentration of young families

Late afternoons as you jog through the beautiful landscaping surrounding the lakes you will find many small gaggles of nannies and babies enjoying the golden hour as the sun sets over Dubai Marina.

The small children play as parents and nannies alike watch over. The screams of joy are infectious.

The Springs Community is very active and you will always find the young parents outside, playing with their children on the grass near the lakes, or by the community swimming pools.

It is a great area to start a family and have your child be immersed between other young children at a young age.

Licence to entertain

With the Springs community being filled with young parents you can expect a lot of entertaining in the small little gardens out back.

Residents can expect the comforting smells of a barbeque on almost any night of the week. Residents and guests can always be found outside soaking up the cool winter months near a barbeque.

Couples in their early 30s love to entertain, and the design of the Springs villas do make entertaining quite easy. The space indoors is large enough for a sizeable dining table, while the garden outdoors can host a nice group of people.

Proximity to everything

The Springs Community’s location is a very big trump card in favour of the community. This community is located 5 minutes from Dubai Marina, 7 minutes from Emirates Mall, and 4 minutes from Barsha Heights where the Saudi German Hospital is located.

There are great schools, gyms, a Medicare, a fuel station and two shopping complexes located within the community.

There are so few communities within Dubai with this level of ease of access. The Springs Community is great for quiet family living, while also being close enough to all the great places that you would visit if you would like to get out of the house.

The Price tag

At around the same price of a 2-bedroom Dubai Marina apartment you can get a stunning villa with a private garden, two balconies and an office space. The size is also compared to what you can expect in a tower apartment.

The added value of the community’s proximity to Dubai Marina and Emirates Mall also makes Springs Community an absolute steal.

You would be quite hard pressed to find a villa in this price range with this value anywhere else in Dubai.

Lack of pretense

A great thing about the Springs Community is that so many people living in this area are young and working hard to make a living.

The cars in the area are dead normal. There aren’t any gold plated archways leading guests to the front door. Everything is normal and the community is so much greater for it.

The pretense that comes along with living in a villa is that you have made it big, living the lavish life here in Dubai. The pretense of proving your wealth is not apparent in Springs Community, and it is great.

This is exactly what you need with young children growing up in Dubai. The Springs Community is the perfect example of “suburbia” where children play outside and iPads are banished to the bottom of the play pin.