How to select the best corporate gifts for clients

Wondering how to select the best corporate gifts for your clients? Are you left stumped as to what you could present your customer with so that they may truly appreciate your gesture? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Establishing and nurturing a professional relationship with clients is absolutely crucial. There’s plenty of services out there in the market yet amidst all this competition, your consumer chose you! But that doesn’t mean once they signed on the dotted line in your contract that you can slack off and totally breathe easy. Getting them onboard was just the beginning… how you maintain your relationship with your customer is a whole different ball game. Customer retention is necessary to sustain company growth. So going that extra mile to put a little extra thought into your corporate gifts rather than just presenting the usual run of the mill ones, indeed goes a long, long way!

Corporate gifts are a largely untapped opportunity that can help grow your business and strengthen ties with companies and clients who matter to your business. So how are you going to show your customers just how much you really care about them and their commerce? Now, when you think about ‘corporate gifts’ as a term, the first thing that might pop into your head is the long list of promotional products. However, these are often dreary, boring and forgettable, and sometimes even given out of organizational compulsion. Even gift baskets with all the best trimmings sometimes just doesn’t cut it. This is because the perfect corporate gift extends far beyond that.

So how do you effectively communicate that you offer the best services in the market? How do you show that you really value your client’s business so that they keep coming back? Corporate Gifts is the answer! Not only does this show that you appreciate their business, but also subtly reminds them of your services so that they consider building future collaborations with your organization.

Selecting the best corporate gifts for your clients can be tricky. However, there are no shortage of options out there that are meaningful without the monotonous and cliched factor attached to it. Here are 15 helpful pointers that you should consider before purchasing that gift.

  1. What kind of a relationship you have with the customer

Take time out to first carefully analyze the relationship you share with your customer as the corporate gift you choose will reflect upon this bond you’ll share on the professional as well as personal platform.

  1. Personalize your corporate gift

For this one, take into consideration your clients’ likes, hobbies, etc. This will help you choose a more personalized gift. Add that special touch by attaching a handwritten card or engraved message. All this definitely shows that a lot of thought went into your gift.

  1. Type and nature of your company and that of your clients

Carefully analyze the nature of the client you will be presenting the gift to. Make sure the product suits the recipient while reflecting your company perfectly.

  1. Choose corporate gifts you would be happy to own

A sure-shot way of knowing whether your customer will truly be pleased with the gift is to first ask yourself if you would appreciate something similar. If you feel there’s in-your-face branding or that the product looks too cliched then probably the client would have the same thoughts.

  1. Consider the purpose of gifting

There can be a number of reasons you would want to present a gift to your client. Promotional perspective, corporate sponsorship, appreciation, etc. are all great opportunities to make a lasting impression.

  1. Choose corporate gifts that you would be proud to associate with

Your gift reflects your company. So present them with products that you’ll be proud to etch your company name upon.

  1. Corporate gifts can reflect your values

Choose gifts that mirror your values. Your product can be linked to a specific social cause you support or something you’re passionate about like protecting the environment or animal welfare.

  1. Useful corporate gifts

When considering a gift, think about its practicality and whether the client will see it or even use it daily rather than just stowing it away in a long-forgotten cabinet.

  1. Engrave your company’s name on the corporate gift ONLY if it’s appropriate

Stay away from outright self-promotion. Remember, you are aiming to form a lasting impression on your client and the gift you plan shouldn’t be doused with promotional advertisements that will take away the sheen of the gift itself.

  1. Think beyond holidays and occasions

You don’t need to wait for special holidays or occasions to gift your client. Tokens of appreciation can be sent at any time of the year. You can even celebrate an exceptional contribution by your customer with a special corporate gift to show your gratitude.

  1. Consider company guidelines and corporate policies

Many companies and even government offices often have a gift policy or even prohibit gifts altogether. So to be on the safe side, check with your client’s company beforehand to gauge the limitations of gift giving to avoid embarrassing scenarios where the recipient might have to return the gift.

  1. Consider quality and uniqueness

With the plethora of gift options out there and the budgets attached to each one, make sure you do not compromise on product quality. The gift reflects the image of your company so purchase only quality products while making sure it’s within your budget.

  1. Personal Gifts

Corporate gifts that are presented on an occasion, holiday, event or personal milestone, must be of personal nature, especially when it comes to gifting associates and executives.

  1. Corporate gifts on the company budget

Corporate gifting is an important aspect of any company in today’s economy, especially if they want to establish and maintain good relations with their clients. So make sure your company budget accommodates corporate gifts, too.

  1. Work with an expert

There are plenty of companies out there that deal with corporate gifting. But if you want to make a lasting impression on your customer, you rely only on the best! Swarovski boasts of a wide range of opulent gift ideas that will confidently impress your recipients.


The wrong gift could be shoved in the bottom drawer or even worse, it could offend someone. But take heart, as there are plenty of beautiful, meaningful and memorable corporate gifts out there. Simply follow the aforementioned tips while buying your corporate gift and you’ll surely pick the right one that will not only be appreciated by the recipient but also help cement the bond forged beyond the dotted line.


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